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Bible App Goals and Todo

Bread of God's mission is to provide everyone on the face of the planet with a copy of the Bible in their own native language. My goal is to make software that is extremely easy to use for non-technical users at no cost.

100% Open/Free Software

My personal contributions are all in the public domain. Anyone, anywhere can share, modify, and redistribute my personal code without asking for my permission. "Freely you have received, freely give."

In order to remain free, I am deliberately avoiding the use of all proprietary software and Bible translations that cannot be freely redistributed. This rules out many copyrighted translations with restrictive licenses. Where possible, I will choose easy-to-understand licenses like the BSD license over GPL licenses. I often avoid GPL- and CC-licensed code because of its extra restrictions.

Simple, Easy to Use

The focus is on getting the holy scriptures to everyone. I am not going to spend much time on notes, reading plans, sermons, commentaries, theology books, dictionaries, concordances, maps, and other non-essentials.

There are three reasons. First, I've discovered that most mainstream commentaries are filled with false teachings. Secondly, many theology books are generally a huge distraction and waste of time. I want people to be reading the Bible, not books by other preachers. Thirdly, I believe good software does one job and does it well.

I will focus on the core features that help us study the Bible. These features include offline reading, search, providing localized translations, audio Bibles, and a clean, easy-to-use interface.


Censorship of the Bible presents a difficult challenge for much of the world. For this reason, I intend to set up services like Tor hidden sites and Namecoin .bit addresses. Security is important for countries where Christianity is illegal. Our website will be built so that it remains functional and usable without Javascript.

Todo list
  1. Set up a CVS repository (with web interface) so everyone can download and share the code.

  2. Find more free modern translations. I may need to personally contact some Bible publishers for permission.

  3. Provide keyword search

  4. Localize UI to different languages

  5. Provide streaming and offline audio Bibles

  6. Polish user interface

  7. Set up a Tor hidden service.

  8. Develop mobile app for Android for offline Bible reading. iOS currently has no fully free/open development kits for its platform, and all developers are forced to distribute through Apple's locked app store.


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